10 Pixie Cuts That Are Going to be Huge in 2021

Blonde Pixie Cut

What haircut to choose for short, medium or long hair? Here are the most fashionable pixie cut options! The main thing is the naturalness of the hairstyle, the texture and so that it is lively.

The most spectacular and popular haircut of recent years is the pixie. The pixie cut is perfect for any face shape and hair structure. The main characteristic of the bean is a shortened nape and longer strands in the face. Due to its variability (it can be short, elongated, asymmetric, graded) and ease of styling, pixie has become a favorite haircut of many celebrities and not only.

Blonde Pixie Cut Long Pixie Cut from All Angles Pixie Cut from All Angles Pixie Cut with Bangs Pixie Cut for Women Over 60

In 2021, the emphasis should be on styling. The trend for naturalness and slight negligence remains, so tousled textured hairstyles will be the most popular. Bonus: such styling is visually younger.

A short pixie haircut that appeared in the middle of the last century and today has not lost its relevance. A multi-layer, with spectacular bangs, pixie hairstyles opens the neck and temples, creating a light, playful look. This haircut emphasizes the neat face contour, beautiful neck, suitable for thin hair.

This form is created due to the voluminous crown and chaotic torn strands. It is recommended for both thin and thick naughty hair. Shaggy looks particularly successful on short and medium lengths. This haircut requires skill from the stylist, as you can go too far with thinning and ruin everything. But with proper execution, it will not cause you any trouble during installation.

Another great haircut that can be adapted to any type of face and hair structure. The length to the shoulders or slightly lower, the technique of thinning, bangs, modern types of coloring allows you to create different options based on this classic hairstyle.


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