18 Short Hairstyle Trends for Major Inspiration in 2020

18 Short Hairstyle Trends for Major Inspiration in 2019.
18 Short Hairstyle Trends for Major Inspiration in 2019.

Short Hairstyle Trends in 2019

Women’s Haircuts That Will Be in Fashion in 2019

The constant desire to improve, to experiment with the length of hair and haircut is inherent in almost every modern girl. Fashion plays an important role in choosing and changing the image. But do not mindlessly follow fashion trends, any haircut is selected based on the structure of the hair, face shape and features of the client’s appearance. What women’s haircuts will be in trend in 2019, tips on laying you will find in this article.

Actual trends in fashion and style

Modern women of fashion try to find a compromise solution: so that the haircut looks elegant and fresh, fit without problems and does not require frequent correction. Increasingly, preference is given to medium and short haircuts. Caring for long curls takes a lot of time and effort, so long-haired beauties are much smaller.

Define the main criteria for fashionable haircut 2019:

hairstyle looks gorgeous even without styling. The fashion for naturalness and slight negligence in the image is still preserved;
styling looks unusual and at the same time beautiful, sophisticated, elegant, harmonious;
in harmony with the facial features, haircut advantageously emphasizes the advantages and hides the flaws;
does not need frequent correction, regrown strands look harmonious;
refreshes and rejuvenates the face;
the hairstyle should be comfortable so that the falling strands, bangs do not climb into the eyes and mouth.
In 2019, multilayer techniques are considered to be trendy. They give extra volume to thin hair, facilitate the styling process and grow gradually, without requiring frequent correction.


Lucky girls with wavy strands

In 2019, careless curls are back in fashion, regardless of the length of the hair. But from the extravagant shaved temples and neck is better to give up, they lose their positions.

The fashion for ultrashort and thick bangs is back. Option not suitable chubby beauties, with large features. Models without bangs look no less stylish and beautiful.

For long hair

Hair stylists recommend long-haired beauties a cascade. Easy tip filing ensures fast styling. The owners of wavy hairs are the most fortunate in nature; it is enough for them to apply a little mousse, foam on the curls and comb. This style looks natural and harmonious.

  1. Cascade – universal haircut. It will suit young girls and older women. Long-haired beauties can experiment with the location of the parting. Central or lateral – each version of the hairstyle looks spectacular and harmonious.
  2. Haircut “Rhapsody”, as a kind of cascade, remains popular this season. Looks bold and expressive. Haircut harmoniously complement torn and elongated bangs. “Rhapsody” will give the thin and spongy head of hair the missing volume. A contraindication for execution can only be a short length of strands.
  3. Technique “Fox Tail” interesting and intricate. Looks good on wavy and perfectly smooth hair. The essence of hair is wedge-shaped. This technique allows you to save the length and update the image, following the fashion trends.
  4. Girls with long hair can experiment with coloring. Balayazh, shatush, 3d and 7d coloring, highlighting – all this will look stylish and natural.
  5. For long-haired beauties stylists offer many options for hairstyles. Snail, bundle, braids or plaits, high and low tail remain fashionable in the winter of 2019. In addition, you can combine these techniques with each other, creating new stylish images.

Long hair, laid back, visually lengthen and rejuvenate the face. This is the best option for women 35+.

For medium hair

Haircuts for medium hair are crazy popular. They are ideal for girls who do not want to shorten their length too much, and who have the strength and the ability to ensure proper care for their long hair.

Such options hairstyles look spectacular, stylish, feminine. They practically do not require styling, plus the abundance of techniques allows you to choose the appropriate option for each.

The most popular and fashionable haircuts for medium hair length for the winter season 2018-2019 with successful examples in the photo:

  1. There are many variations of equipment: elongated, cascading, even or with curls, graded or ladder. The hairstyle is absolutely universal, suitable for girls with even, thin or wavy hair, performed with bangs and without, is not picky about the age of the fashionista.
  2. The cascade elongated bob is the undoubted leader of medium length haircuts. Easy graduation helps the strands to fit in their places, to look natural, natural even without special styling.
  3. Asymmetry is relevant for the winter-spring 2019 season. The haircut looks playful and stylish. Light curls and dyeing using the technique of shatush, balayazh, coloring will add an additional charm and femininity to the image.
  4. The bob-caret with elongated tips on the face is in many ways reminiscent of a cascade elongated caret, if not for the pronounced additional volume.



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