Short Pixie Cut with Long Bangs Short Sides

Choppy Short Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Short Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

A short pixie cut with long bangs is short women’s haircut you classically see on a trendily elegance woman. If you just want to shake things up, definitely go for a short pixie cut with long bangs!

To get such a beauty like that, you may lose most of your locks however, it is totally worth it. In this case, what you gain is more important than all of your locks. At first, you will have simple style which is also named as wash and go style. There is no need to clarify I think, its name is enough to understand anything about it.

Modern pixies like listed above in our gallery, are mostly paired with long side bangs. There are lots of short pixie cuts which upgraded with 4 main components. For those who want to see the options:

Short Choppy Pixie Cuts

Spiky Pixie Cuts with Long Bangs Short Sides

Another option is creating new style with lengths. For instance, you can keep long hair on the top and for the sides keep very short tapered and back very in.

An amazing idea for a short pixie cut with long bangs is to try a recent smart style with hair color which is never tried before by yourself but all the time wanted to try.

Now it is the time to try! Check out all these variants and other stunning ideas.

A short pixie cut might be a gorgeous variation among all these trendy short length hairstyles. In this post, our purpose was to show what you can do with your short hair. We hope, we did it and especially for the short pixie cuts with longer strands, these styles can suit with any face shape, hair texture, hair type and shade.


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