28 Short Pixie Cuts for Women Over 40 in 2020

Stylish Short Haircuts for Women After 40
Stylish Short Haircuts for Women After 40

Short Pixie Cuts for Women Over 40

As soon as a woman steps over the 40-year-old frontier, questions arise involuntarily about how to maintain her attractiveness and femininity. Here come to the rescue haircuts for short hair. Beautiful images are obtained thanks to harmonious curls, skillfully hiding external flaws.

Do not think that after 40 years there is no life. Opens a field for creativity and experimentation. Below are a few dozen photos and variations, what could be the style of the ladies.

Stylish Short Haircuts for Women After 40


A haircut implies the presence of long front strands and a trimmed nape. This option looks very extravagant, which adorns a woman after 40 years.

Women’s beautiful hairstyles can always be supplemented with interesting details. One of the options – the presence of bangs. It can be both direct and sideways. This element of the haircut allows you to create new images (more athletic or romantic). Bangs perfectly masks age-related changes. It corrects the external features, allows you to hide wrinkles on the forehead.

Features of Choosing the cut

In the selection of female haircuts should focus on the features of their appearance, as well as fashion trends in 2019. After 40 years, it is best to choose hairstyles with shorter curls, this is how much the year decreases.

After 40 years there is a chance to become even more attractive than in his youth. Women have a lot more free time to look after themselves; she knows all the nuances of her appearance.

For example, she can easily determine which haircuts for short hair go to her and which ones should not be strictly chosen. A woman for such years most likely has a personal hairstyle master who correctly and accurately selects the style of her client.

With age, the fair sex of the eyes lose their former expressiveness. The main reason lies in the deformation of the eyelids and dark circles under the eyes.

It should be noted that the bangs should be neat. A very short version of such an element of hairstyle will make the image younger. Emphasis will turn out on the eyes.

You can also try to correct the shape of the face. For this, experts advise to choose an asymmetrical bang, it visually pulls the features.

Short Cuts

Lush hairstyles for short and slightly curly curls can easily choose skinny and petite ladies. If a woman has a full face, then Kurds will visually make it even wider. It is important to consider this moment.

Owners of curly hair stylists are advised not to choose too short haircuts. So the face will lose shape and become heavier. It is better to stick with a hairstyle ladder, because excess volume is quickly removed.

Creative Cuts

If after 40 years I wanted to experiment, then you can always not be afraid of a creative approach to your appearance. The most extravagant haircuts include bob-bob, bob, pixie and page.

With very short haircuts, you can not worry about constantly painting over gray hair. Such hairstyles – a gorgeous option for gray hair.

It is best to create images with light curls and curls. If a woman has natural curls, then do not rush to align them.

How to choose the right hairstyle

Before you do the haircut and coloring, you need to study your color type and facial features. Depending on the source data is chosen hairstyle.

With a square face type, it is important to pay attention to how much a hairstyle can visually stretch an image. Stylists recommend using strands to soften the lower part of the jaw. It is better to abandon the ladders and any other asymmetrical haircuts.

Stylists usually narrow and lengthen a round face due to a properly selected structure of curls. For these purposes, suitable hairstyles with additional volume in the area of ​​the crown, thick and oval bangs. It is recommended not to do parting and horizontal lines.

How to determine the cut you are looking for?

In 2019, you can choose almost any haircut, the main thing that it looked as natural as possible. Women’s preferences in terms of style can be based on her own experience and the advice of a stylist.

Experts pay attention to the fact that 40 years old is one of the best ages in the life of a lady. Most managed to take place in terms of career, raised their children. It’s time to take care of yourself. Do not immediately strive for dramatic changes and youth hairstyles. It happens that bold and bold images are not suitable for the female.

The recommendations of stylists in 2019 are as follows:

  1. If a woman has thin hair, it is better to avoid hairstyles with elements of bouffants,
  2. With oily hair type, you should not stick to neat haircuts, they will look unnatural and untidy,
  3. Dry hair requires special care, representatives of the fashion and beauty industry are advised to choose the most simple images,
  4. Owners of thick hair do not go the ladders and cascades,
  5. Natural strands will not be in harmony with lush hairstyles.

Holders of a triangular face is better to exclude haircuts, which will focus on the temples and the crown. Ultrashort hairstyles are definitely not their option.

If a woman has a rectangular face shape, then thick bangs will do. Also, stylists are advised to pay attention to the framing strands. They will help soften the lower part. Do not choose haircuts with open ears, because it emphasizes symmetry.

Women with a diamond-shaped face are advised to stick with an asymmetrical four of a kind. An additional important element is bangs, hairstyles with volume in the area of ​​the temples.

Before choosing a haircut is better to consult with a specialist. He will probably be able to suggest which hairstyle, depending on the structure of the hair and face, is worth choosing. It is also important to be guided by your personal preferences. If you want to keep the length of the curls, you can experiment with its design.


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