30 Refreshing Variations of Short Pixie Haircut Wigs

30 Refreshing Variations of Short Pixie Haircut Wigs
30 Refreshing Variations of Short Pixie Haircut Wigs

Short Pixie Haircut Wigs

The main “highlight” of pixie haircuts can be considered the difference in the length of all hair (which does not fall below the ear) and bangs. Thanks to this difference, this hairstyle is ideal for girls with a square, round and full face – the fringe hides the extra volume, and the image itself looks fresh, a little bold, and in general – feminine and defenseless.

Due to the frequent presentation in the gossip and on the red carpet, short hair pixie cut is now very popular. She looks equally good on curly and straight hair.

Very Short “Pixie”

The combination of ultrashort pixie and bangs of the same length is very “explosive”, so you need to be careful about trying it on yourself. A hairstyle will look beautiful only if you have a perfectly oval face and facial features, which are usually called correct.

“Pixie” for Short Hair with Asymmetry

Particularly interesting and provocative looks pixie with an elongated bang of asymmetric shape, touching the cheekbones, or even the chin. All the masters will tell you: this haircut is equally good for all girls. Plus bonus: a haircut can be laid each time in a new way, whipping, forcing individual strands to stick up, carefully combing back or to the side.

Short “Pixie” with Bangs

But you will have the opportunity to experiment with bangs. Any pixie fits. A short one will give your face 100 points to tenderness. Long, oblique bangs will create the charm of carelessness (especially if its tip touches your cheek). A straight bang of a long “cut” will give you the image of a sophisticated lady.

Similar models of fashion haircuts:

  1. Long haircut with long bangs
  2. Pixie bob

However, you can change and whiskey. You can not touch them, if you want your hair to hide ears, or to adjust the shape of the cheekbones. And if you make the whiskey a little longer than the “norm”, you can change the shape of the cheeks. As an option – you can shave the whiskey, leaving at the top of the iroquois. Or, inspired by the example of Miley Cyrus, remove only one temple.

Are you going to be beautiful? Short pixie likes bright hair. Beautifully fit into the hair and coloring with highlighting.

Styling “Pixie” for short hair

As for styling, all the options are hard to even describe. You can remove all hair back with gel, wax, cream or lotion. You do not want? Apply the same gel or a special spray on the locks and ruffle the hair by highlighting a couple of loops separately.

Finally, there is a pile, which will turn out to be especially lush after using mousse and varnish.


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